Is A Bloombox Your Energy Salvation?

The resources, equipment and installations that can allow you to create a more sustainable household or working environment may not be concerns that you can afford to overlook. Energy conservation efforts alone may not be enough to minimize the environmental impact of your property and lifestyle. Investing in the efforts, projects and other resources that will be able to provide you with greater success from your effort could prove to be an essential effort for those who are seeking to protect the environment and minimize the damage they Read the rest of this entry »


Talk To Your Contractor: You May Save A Lot

Although you might already realize that your heating and air conditioning system utilizes a lot of energy, you might not know where to begin when it comes to conserving energy with it. By talking to a contractor who is experienced in such matters, however, you might be able to get some excellent tips that will help you save a lot of money on your heating and cooling bill every month while still maintaining your home at a comfortable Read the rest of this entry »


Time For Your Annual Heating Check

Before the winter starts, it is so important for you to check your heating system before you actually need to start using it. This includes making sure that it is running efficiently and that there is nothing wrong with power cords or internal functioning. A heater that is malfunctioning or not working properly will sometimes drain more energy because of its internal problems. This can result in a more expensive electric bill at the end of each Read the rest of this entry »


Loose Wires Spark Up Energy Bills

We all take electricity for granted until there is a problem but ignoring certain signs can be costly and deadly. The wires in your home are a mode that an electrical current follows to a certain point of contact. When there is the slightest rupture or break in the this path, you could be losing precious power in addition to damaging the insulation around the wire.

Light switches are a leading culprit for losing power due to worn out wiring. Each time you turn on and off a power switch, you are Read the rest of this entry »


What Will You Do When Natural Gas Prices Rise?

Natural gas prices may continue to rise throughout our lives. What are we going to be able to do when this happens? Gas prices can become an expense we are not prepared for.

One thing we can do is to compare the prices to find the best deal for our natural gas. Saving just a few cents can add up over time. Conserving our usage by finding ways to use less gas is another way. Use the natural gas to heat or cook with sparingly. Find alternate ways to keep you warm on the less cold days. That way you can save on the gas prices. Use the gas heat only when the temperature drops to a certain point. Over time this will definitely make a difference in your gas bill. If you are using natural gas for cooking, consider changing to electric. Your electric bill may increase, but your natural gas bill will decrease.

There are ways to control your natural gas usage as the prices rise. The choice to make some changes in the way you use gas will determine how much you can save. Just a few simple changes can make all the difference in your budget.


Clean The Environment: Switch To Electric

Using clean and renewable energy sources, such as electric, keeps the environment friendly for us and for future generations. There is a growing trend of those who are getting away from fossil fuels and turning to cleaner sources and electric is a top choice. Heating is a big user of fossil fuels, using gas, oil and wood. Electric heating is a safer and cleaner choice.

Electricity sources are renewable so they are environmentally friendly. Clean energy sources have no CO2 emissions. The wide use of electric works toward a environmentally sustainable future.

Using electric is a socially responsible way of heating your home or workplace. It is also a healthy way as there are no smoke, bad odors or foul smells from using electric. With a flick of a switch you can heat or cool, instantly and conveniently. It’s a safe way to heat, no gas, oil, or wood burning necessary. No monitoring fuel levels, electric is there at the turn of a switch. Service and maintenance is a thing of the past, as clean electric means no sludge or fuel buildups.

Maintaining a clean environment is essential for the future of our planet. By switching to electric, it helps clean the environment and improves the quality of life for us all.


New Thermostats May Heat Up Your House

Older homes may very well have an outdated thermostat. Installing a new device can save money, while at the same time raise the comfort level. The process is simple and straightforward.

The older units simply point to the desired temperature and the furnace will respond and hold the temperature. Due to age and less advanced technology the device may be out of calibration. The unit may tell the owners it is 72 degrees when in fact it is 75. Owners may decide to raise the temperature based on a faulty reading. The heat will of course run more. Although, the owners will be comfortable, energy is being wasted.

The new models can program the temperature settings based on occupancy and times of day. Lowering the heat at night does save energy. Many believe it takes more energy to bring the comfort level back up in the mornings, versus maintaining a constant setting.

The cooler the home is, the less heat it will lose. It takes less energy to heat the room back up than it does to maintain a constant level. As the air, gets colder outside the unit will increase output to compensate. Subsequently, the warmer the home becomes the more heat will be lost.

Therefore, new thermostats save money due to proper calibration and its ability to adjust settings automatically. On average, a home’s heating system accounts for 18 percent of the utility bill. Heat is not something owners can afford to lose. The new thermostat can be programmed, so it will do all the work. Base the settings on work schedules and sleep patterns.

There is no reason to have the heat on high when no one is home. The same holds true when under blankets at night. The heat is wasted during these times. Very attentive homeowners can purchase a less advanced model. The owners will have to make adjustments manually. The new model will be calibrated for accurate readings, which is important.


The Power of Choice

Choice can be a powerful thing and if you live in a deregulated energy zone then you could have a decision many others don’t get to make. Deregulated energy opens the door for competition and helps the consumers save money when it comes to paying for electricity, but the major difference in the power of choice. You have the Power to Choose in Deer Park and anywhere else where energy is being deregulated.

Let’s face it, energy prices aren’t getting any cheaper and with some services having the audacity to actually raise their rates in this difficult economic climate, you want to make sure you have all the facts. Compare and shop for different prices and different providers and find out what works best for you and your family. That’s where the power of choice can be your greatest ally, because you don’t have to settle for what they give you. You can hold out for something better; you can say no.


Roof Top Solar May Generate A Profit

Solar energy is not only one of the most viable green energies but one the has been around for many years. Solar panels today have been well developed over the years. They now are at an all time high for producing highly efficient solar absorption.

For people who live in a particularly sunny location, having solar panels on their roof may prove to be more than a money saving home improvement. Solar panels can actually generate so much excess power that homeowners Read the rest of this entry »


Drop Your Electric Bill: Change The Bulbs

An easy, yet effective way to lower your electric bill and to cut your household greenhouse gas emissions is to change the light bulbs. Conventional incandescent bulbs are far from efficient, using about 90 percent of their energy to create heat, not light. The more eco-friendly alternatives, compact fluorescent lights or CFLs and light emitting diodes, or LEDs, will save you money on your energy bill. They also last much longer than the traditional, energy-wasting lights.

CFL bulbs use a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs, while lasting ten times longer. They emit a soft, warm light Read the rest of this entry »